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20 Online Marketplaces To List Your Product On Today

You’ve spent the last year developing your new product. You know it will be the hottest, greatest, most-sought-after offering on the marketplace if you can just get exposure to the buying public. But, you have the resources to do little more than set up a retail website and work the free social networking resources to within an inch of their lives to hopefully drive customers your way. You are not daunted, however, and you rev up your social networks and then … the customers are only a dribble, when you are hoping for a flood.

You seek guidance. You’ve been advised to attend a tradeshow to show off your goods. You respond that a tradeshow is out of your budget. The advice continues: Get your product into retail stores, better yet, Wal-Mart and Target. “Easier said than done” you say. You’ve realized that a lack of exposure to the world is not the issue, but a lack of exposure to buying customers when they are looking to buy is your barrier to success. You need access to established r…