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Top 10 Search Engine Bots You Should Know About!

Bots and botnets are commonly associated with cybercriminals stealing data, identities, credit card numbers and worse. But bots can also serve good purposes. Separating good bots from bad can also make a big difference in how you protect your company’s website and ensure that that your site gets the Internet traffic it deserves.

Most good bots are essentially crawlers sent out from the world’s biggest web sites to index content for their search engines and social media platforms. You WANT those bots to visit you. They bring you more business! Shutting them down as part of strategy to block bad bots is a losing strategy.

Here, in reverse order of how likely they are to visit any web site, are the 10 most important good bots that you should know about now. Make sure your security strategy welcomes these bots (or at least know why you chose to block them)