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EVERY Sales Person Should Must Watch Rocky

There are some fantastic sales films out there like Wolf of Wall Street and Glengarry Glen Ross which will definitely get you pumped up to sell. Rocky isn’t one you’ll often find in any “Top Sales Films” lists, it’s certainly not one I’ve included in mine. However I think it’s good that it’s not about selling, but about the keys to success that are so in sync with success in sales.
I genuinely think that every person working in sales should watch these films are here’s why: 1 – They Show The Importance Of Hard Work Rocky isn’t some sort of natural champion who just walks into a ring and has the ability to beat anyone. He’s the underdog, a normal guy with a passion for boxing. He has to work relentlessly hard to achieve success often pushing himself to his physical and mental limits. In sales this is EXACTLY the same. The number one top sellers across the world don’t just walk in and close every deal they find. They all started from the bottom and hard to work relentlessly to get to th…