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4 Awe-Inspiring Digital Marketing Specialists You Simply Must Follow

Are you satisfied with being a ‘good-enough’ digital marketer? Happy to call yourself a specialist while remaining mediocre? Well then, fair digital marketer this article’s not for you. Are you, on the other hand, serious about pursuing excellence? Do you strive to be your very best, most creative and amazing self? Are you not afraid of standing out, of being unique, of taking risks and defining a new and unstoppable standard for your specialist area? We highlight the top 4 expert digital marketers you should follow, learn from and occasionally even emulate. Study their success stories and get ready to be inspired… 1. Content Marketing Expert – Jon Morrow Who is Jon? Jon Morrow is a blogger extraordinaire, programmer, marketing strategist and expert speaker. He is the founder of Boost Blog Traffic and has blogged for numerous well-known digital marketing sites, including Copyblogger – one of the world’s most popular and best-loved blogs. Jon’s Success Story: If ever there was an inspiri…