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24 Google Search Hacks to Make Life Easier

If you want to add to these tips, please do so in the comments section below. 1. Search Exact Phrases – If you’re looking for an exact phrase, use quotation marks around the keywords to view results containing that exact phrase. 2. Exclude a word – If your search terms contain a keyword with several meanings, you can exclude one of the meanings by adding a hyphen (-) before the keyword. 3. Search a specific domain – You can search within a particular URL by including the operator before or after your keywords. 4. Generate similar content – To generate content similar to those found on a URL you already know, use the related: operator before adding the URL. 5. Search for words in text – To retrieve pages where all the keywords appear in the body of the page, use the allintext: operator before the search terms. 6. Search for words in title – Similar to number 5, you can retr