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How Not To Write An Amazing Cold Email

Want to be king of the spam folder? The blacklist emperor? Follow the guide! Neglect that subject line The best way to kill the sale right away is to avoid your email being opened. Considering that, according to Convince and Convert, 35% of email recipients open emails based on the subject line alone, messing that up is a great way to ruin things from the start. In case you have a change of heart Your subject line is essential to have your email opened, make sure it’s optimized.
Avoid SPAM trigger words If you want to get that subject line to have any effect, well… you’d better land in your recipient’s mailbox first and get through those spam filters. For that reason, we’ve put together an extensive list of words to avoid in your email subject line. While some should be banned, for most it’s all about context. Time to get creative!

Keep it short A subject line longer than 45 characters may not fully appear in your recipient’s inbox. According to Litmus, the sweet spot is between 4 and…