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7 Things About Digital Marketing Everyone Should Know

Via: Forbes

Digital marketing is something every company has to give due consideration to. Not an online business you say. Too bad because that doesn’t excuse you from anything. Even local, land-based businesses have to focus on the online arena, as that’s where their target audiences are.

Here are seven things about digital marketing you absolutely have to know.
1. Mobile Is Now 

Audiences aren’t shifting more to browsing via mobile devices. They are already there. Over 50% of all Internet users are now operating exclusively on mobile devices. If you haven’t made your site responsive and geared everything towards smaller screens, you’re in trouble. First, Google will actively penalize you in the search results, consequently reducing your audience. Second, your existing customers will become increasingly frustrated and alienated.

2. Micro-Moments

The easiest way to define this is by relating it to impulse shopping. Portability and accessibility in the business world has led to the rise …

Introduction of Marketing - Digital Vs Traditional Marketing!

Marketing is a wide term but in simple words.

"Marketing means the advertisement (print media, broadcast media, emails, display ads etc.) of your services or products and solutions on different and related media which helps you to improve your Brand awareness, Website Traffic and generating leads."

•Traditional Marketing

•Digital Marketing

Let us see how the following table lists a few points that differentiate digital marketing from traditional marketing −

Traditional Marketing

1. Communication is unidirectional. Means, a business communicates about its products or services with a group of people. It’s a one way process.

2. Medium of communication is generally phone calls, letters, and prints.

3. Campaigning takes more time for designing, planning, preparing, and launching.

4. It is carried out for a specific audience throughout from generating campaign ideas up to selling a product or a service.

5. It is conventional way of marketing; best for reaching local audience.

6. It …