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Hackers are now using subtitle files to take over devices

Fresh off the WannaCry ransomware and Adylkuzz cryptocurrency miner exploits, another major vulnerability targeting video subtitles has come to light.

According to security research firm Check Point, attackers are now creating malicious files disguised as subtitles, that are then uploaded to popular subtitles repositories widely available on the Internet.

While it’s still safe for users to download the files onto their devices, the attack will happen when users play a video alongside the malicious subtitle file.

According to the demo provided by Check Point, attackers will be able to take over the victim’s device within seconds after the video is played (where the malicious file is executed in the background).

Check Point estimated that over 200 million people around the world are at risk of the attack, making it one of the most widespread, easily accessed and zero-resistance vulnerabilities reported in recent years.

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WannaCry: Everything you need to know about the global ransomware attack

If you’ve done your best to stay away offline for the past two days so you could actually enjoy your weekend, you undoubtedly now find yourself trying to catch up on all the news surrounding WannaCry ransomware. This unprecedented malware attack began sweeping the globe late last week, and security researchers estimated that nearly 57,000 computers in more than 150 countries were infected by the end of the day on Friday. While the spread of this terrifying ransomware was slowed on Saturday, it was hardly stopped. As of Monday morning, more than 200,000 systems around the world are believed to have been infected.

WannaCry is far and away the most severe malware attack so far in 2017, and the spread of this troubling ransomware is far from over. In this post, we’ll tell you what WannaCry is, what developments we’ve seen over the past three days, and how to protect yourself.

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