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Hello Readers, This is Vivek Sharma (Google Adwords Certified) an experienced SEO professional.

I have better knowledge of white hat SEO techniques and Social Media Marketing.

Below are my skills:

SEO On-Page:

1. Meta Tags Creation
2. Keyword Research
3. SEO Audit
4. Alt Tags Implementation
5. Heading Tags Implementation
6. Internal Linking
7. Tracking Code Implementation such as Google Webmasters, Analytics etc
8. Sitemap & Robots file creation
9. Google Indexing
10. Disavow
12. Custom 404 Error Page Setup
13. Keywords Placement
14. HTML
15. Deep Website Analysis
16. Schema Markup Implementation

Off-Page SEO:

1. Local Listing/Busines Listing
2. Google Place/Bing Places
3. Theme Based High DA Directory Submission
4. Social Bookmarking
5. Blog Posting & Promotion
6. PPT/PDF/Document Submission
7. Video Submission & Promotion
8. Profile Creation and Promotion
9. Lead Generation
10. Infographic Submission
11. Image Sharing
12. Guest Blogging
13. Web 2.0 Creation
14. Blog Commenting
Expertise in Tools:

1. Google Webmasters
2. Google Analytics
3. Moz
4. SEO Profiler
5. Ahref
6. Seositecheckup
7. Woorank
8. Majestic SEO
9. Screaming Frog
10. SpyGlass and many others

Also, I've good knowledge in Google Adwords, Facebook/Insta Ads, Bing Ads, Email Marketing, Online Reputation Managment, Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing.

I am passionate about SEO. I chose to continue my life time career in SEO after college and am very pleased with my decision. I am excited to have an outlet to learn and write about the things that are happening in the SEM Industry get to hear about on a daily basis, in which many of us in the field are involved in.

My Another Blog for SEO Professionals!

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