In the past couple of years I have delivered lots of successful projects in which I have ranked most competitive keywords for my clients world-wide.

1.  Fast DNA Testing

Niche: Medical
Project Type: SEO
Ranked Keywords: 20
Google Position: 1st Page
Target Country/City: US

2. Marine Depot

Niche: ECommerce/Online Supply
Project Type: SEO
Ranked Keywords: 150+
Google Position: Approx All on top 5 of first page
Target Country/City: US

3.  Urbana

Niche: Health/Beauty
Project Type: SEO
Ranked Keywords: 25
Google Position: First Page
Target Country/City: US

4. Aniiqa

Niche: Fashion/Clothing
Project Type: SEO
Ranked Keywords: 60+
Google Position: First Page
Target Country/City: Dubai

5. Prism ERP

Niche: Software/ERP
Project Type: SEO
Ranked Keywords: 40
Google Position: First Page
Target Country/City: Bangladesh

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